Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My 1st Ever Blog Award! Yay Me!

I would like to start by saying thank you to my Mom & Dad, my fans, my producer....Oh wait, I don't have a producer!  Okay, daydream wonderful friend Amanda gave me this award and I really appreciate her thinking of me!  You can see all her cute crafty things by clicking here Crafts By Amanda

There are a couple rules you must follow upon receiving this award.
1. Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.
2. To accept this award, tell 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blog buddies.


1.  I did the hair and makeup on the set of The Hair Club for Men commercial that starts out "I've always looked up to my Dad, I just never wanted to look like him."  Yep, that was me...I also used to do pageant hair and makeup til some crazy lady wanted me to apply a full face (including mascara) on her 8 month old little girl.  I left and never did another pageant.  

2.  I LOVE black.  I always have and always will.  It always looks classy, makes you appear slimmer, and you never appear over or under-dressed.  The only drawback is that some of my four dogs go with me it or not.  I should own stock in lint rollers.  

3.  Up until the Christmas before last, I actually thought Cricut was pronounced "Cry-cut".  That's how little I knew about scrapbooking or papercrafting.  I had no interest whatsoever.  Odd huh?

4.  I absolutely love music and almost always have something playing at all times.  My tastes wildly varied from Conway Twitty and Hank III to Eddie Vedder and Sublime...there is no rhyme or reason <---like what I did there?  ;)...if I like it, I like it.  

5.  I made the move from working in Aveda salons to opening a pet spa three years ago.  I still have clients that ask me to do their hair even though I am standing amongst piles of dog hair as they pick up their pets.  I suppose that is a compliment.  LoL

6.  I always have at least one Blow Pop in my purse at all times.  It helps when I get a sweet tooth, and then the gum will distract me from whatever I want to eat that is even more least for a bit!  =D 

7.  I am allergic to dairy.  No big deal for a lot of people, but I would rather have died than give up my queso blanco when the Dr told me.  Now it's okay as long as I have a substitute when I get a craving for pizza or something that just isn't the same without cheese.             

Okay, enough rambling about me.  AHEM...wakey wakey folks! 
 This award is going to the 8 following people.
Nikki Jones

 Kimbo West

 Sue-Ann Lovell 

Charlotte Simpson Cornett 

Micia @
Linda Kuniyoshi 

Lezlye Lauterbach-Hardwick

Heather Flaherty 
Thanks again to Amanda, you are awesomely sweet yourself!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Erica's 100+ Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop!

Welcome everyone!  You should have made your way here after visiting Nina's blog, if not please go back to Erica's page at and get back on track. I guarantee you do NOT want to miss anything these ladies have put together for you!  We have all learned so much from each other over the last couple months, I am so grateful to have found Erica's page and met such wonderful ladies.  
Without further ado, I present my "Iced and Chilled" card I created especially for this June Blog Hop.
I used:
Cricut Cartridges: Winter Woodland & Storybook
Silver base and snowflakes: DCWV Stack
Frame: American Crafts Paper A LA Carte in Pumpernickel 
Borders: Bo Bunny glittery paper I had in my stash (not sure of the name, sorry)
Ribbon: Offray Metallic Silver
Bling: Swarovski Crystals
I cut a 5x7 card using my paper trimmer.  I then used my Gypsy to cut the frame from the Storybook cartridge on page 68 using the frame feature and cutting at 4.35.  I simply turned the center of the frame over to show the blue side when gluing to the card.  The snowflakes were cut from page 32 and 35 on the Winter Woodland cartridge using the main keys and shift and layer functions.  I cut them using my Gypsy also at 1.80, 1.56, and 1.33 respectively.  I used pop dots to give dimension between each layer and when adding them on the card as well.  I ran my ribbon through the Xyron Create a Sticker (which is an AWESOME tool by the way!)  If you do not have one, then I suggest you run...(don't walk) to get one now!  I also added some Swarovski crystals to the snowflakes using mini glue dots to add a bit more "ice" to the look.  I chose to leave this particular card blank and will add a sentiment when I decide exactly what occasion I will be giving it away for.  I hope you like my creation, please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know if you have any other questions.

As you can blog is very new, and I would love to reach 300 followers before the end of June.  If you would like to help me by following before you move on and suggest me to your friends I would be so grateful.  If I reach my goal of 100 followers by June 30th I will give away a FREE Cricut cartridge!  In order to qualify all you have to do is click the follow button on your right, and share our link with your friends on Facebook.  The winner will be chosen at random.  

Your next stop is off to and I'm sure she has some special treats for you as well!  Happy Hopping, and I hope you remember to visit me often to see what new things I have to share with you!  
Thanks SO much!