Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello all!  Sorry it's been so long since my last post, I promise I didn't forget about you all!  So much has happened since I've posted last I wanted to share with you.  I contemplated long and hard before I decided to sell my pet spa.  It was an extremely hard decision for me as I started this business from the ground up and love animals dearly.  However, it was very hard to find quality help in our small town and the stress from doing it all was really taking it's toll on me.  So I decided to move back into the salon, as I worked as a cosmetologist and color specialist for years before branching out into grooming pets.  I am planning on attending school soon to further my education and not have to kill my back bent over the shampoo bowl either.  So having settled back into a routine again (somewhat, LOL) I wanted to create a quick post in regards to the little magnets I've made that have gotten SUCH a great response from everyone.

These are SO simple to make and fun to get children involved as well.  I had a little trouble locating the marble gems, I'm not sure if it's because everyone is making these or why but I finally found mine at JoAnns.  I prefer the ones that do not have a luster effect to them but you could certainly use those if you like.  
Next, choose your paper or I have discovered that cardstock or a thicker paper is actually preferred as the glue seems to soak through thinner paper as it dries.  
Due to the fact that each marble is not shaped exactly the same, I lay the marble over the design on the paper that I wish to put on my marble and trace around it with a ballpoint pen.  The line will not show and I trim on the inside of the line anyway so you could use whatever you like to mark it.  I chose to center my marble over some of the accents on the paper but simple patterns like a plaid or polka dot would be adorable as well, whatever ties in with where they will be hanging.
Cut your design out (again, on the inside of the line you marked so there is no overhang on the edge) and line up to see if you like the way it is centered on the back of the marble gem.
Then, I used some E-6000 and also Glossy Accents to glue the paper onto the gem and discovered that I preferred the Glossy Accents so that is what I used for the majority of these.  It dries much faster and doesn't smell as bad either, so those were my reasons for using it over the E-6000.  Others have also suggested that you may use a hot glue gun or even Elmers glue to adhere your paper, although I have personally not tried those as of yet.  Then just glue a magnet disc or I personally love the rolls of magnet at the craft stores and you simply cut whatever length you need for you project and glue it onto the back.  Tada!  All done!  SO simple it's crazy!
Here are some pics of the ones I've made so far....
Now keep in mind, you can also add any sort of embellishment you desire on the top of the gems.  I would personally choose some crystals, maybe paint some details to give additional depth, your imagination really is the limit here.  Oh, and people seem to go ga-ga over these so they would make great little handmade gifts or stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays and really don't cost much to make at all.  Everyone wins!  Have fun!

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Lluvia Mata said...

Omgeeeeeeeee! i so love this idea!!!
I especially love magnets, i cant wait to try it!
Thankyou for your creativity!